CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Eamonn Coyle Consultancy is committed to the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a professional firm of business consultants we strive towards the following CSR objectives :-

1) Voluntary Work – To date we have helped out numerous organizations and charities with business practices such as fund raising and promotion.
2) Competitive Rates – We work mainly with SME’s. Hence we work for affordable rates and often complete sections of work free of charge.
3) Added Value – We bring added value to all of our clients. For example, in applying for full certification for ISO-9001 we added preliminary ISO-14001 audits as added value
4) ISO-9001 – We help SME’s obtain and maintain this quality standard
5) ISO-14001 – We assist SME’s obtain and maintain this quality standard. This offers the added value of protecting the environment.
6) OHSAS-18001 – By implementing this procedure we help companies obtain and maintain safe working practices and premises.
7) Business Excellence & Total Quality Management – We assist companies achieve Excellence.